Klimahalle - to be determined

TrahionVictims n-1

These trash bags are part of an artwork to be made. We filled it with the idea - to be filled.

Thus it was transformed into a precursor artwork.

It maps part of the research that accompanies, informs and motivates the future creation of the artwork.

TrashionVictims n-1 comment on our temporary use of synthetic materials.

TrashionVictims n-1 are pre-packaged in their intended final form.

TrashionVictims n-1 hope to be preserved but are literally trash.

TrashionVictims n-1 in the public are indistinguishable from trash.

TrashionVictims n-1 are valued differently if you know more about them.

Participatory performance at the trans-disciplinary seminar of ZHDK and NCCR-MSE.

Pieces of information regarding the sourcing and creation of the supposed filling material are placed in the bags which are set on the table.

As people take the pieces to examine more clearly, they are removed from the bag, monopolizing a part of the information. Each participant gains particular insight but looses the whole picture in the process.
This immediately mirrors the global reality of production.
Through social engagement, the information is then reassembled into a version of meaning.

Trash bags, min. 80% recycled PET Print paper
Various information from the internet
Imre Banlaki with Giulia Prone, Njomza Dragusha and Dominik Scherer

Workshop Photos: Giulia Prone

Exhibited at KlimaHalle as part of the Tour de Lorraine 2020, at the grosse Halle Bern

Concept: Imre Banlaki
Audio: Imre Banlaki und Julie von Wegen